Introduction to Bodhi - The Chennai Bonsai Association

'BODHI' - The Chennai Bonsai Association is a registered body, established in the year 2007.It's a nonprofitable organisation, affiliated to the Bonsai Study Group of the Indo-Japanese Association, Mumbai.

We are a group of Bonsai lovers committed to promoting this art in and around Chennai. We conduct workshop meetings on every second Saturday afternoon where interactions and ideas of this art is exchanged. Tips on potting mixture, styling, maintenance and manuring of the Bonsai plants are also given, apart from providing hands on experience to the participants. We arrange periodical supply of pre-bonsai plants, accessories like tools, wires, pots etc. We visit Schools/Colleges, from time to time, to conduct demonstrations to create awareness of the art of Bonsai among youngsters.

To learn the latest techniques of the Bonsai world, we invite Masters from national/international level for lectures and demonstrations. We propose to conduct one such Convention cum Workshop during January 2018 to coincide with our 10th Anniversary Celebrations. We maintain a well equipped Library with many books/periodicals on Bonsai for the benefit of the members. Bodhi is also affiliated to bonsai study group of Indo Japanese Association. Bodhi family is a very friendly group of people who promote this art by regular monthly meeting in a common place( Chetpet Children's park maintained by Lions Club) where interactions and ideas of the art is exchanged,shaping and correction of plants,demonstrations and lectures. To promote and popularize the art, the club involves schools and college students to pursue the art by lectures and demonstrations.

To create awareness of the ancient art annual public exhibitions are organized for public to view and enjoy the nature in miniature.Interested visitors are encouraged to enroll in a beginner's course which involves lectures,demonstrations and hands on training course. To encourage and learn the modern techniques of the bonsai world the club invites national level Indian masters for lectures and workshops to share and learn the art. The Association has got a wide collection of global Bonsai Books which can be utilized by the members. Compeition are organized among the members to encourage and promote interest.

Are You Interested in BONSAI?

Become a member of the BODHI Bonsai Club!

Annual Membership Fee: 3,000.00. Library - One Time Payment: Rs.500.00 Monthly workshop/meeting by paying of Rs.200. Guest can become members after attending 3 consecutive meetings. Guest charges paid will be waived if the guest decides to become a member.

For more details, please contact the Secretary @ 09402737708 or send an e-mail to :

Patron & Advisors

Shri M Ponnuswami MA, FIMM
International Consultant
World Bonsai Friendship Federation, China

Sasya Bandhu D Ravindran, B.Sc,LL.B
President,Kerala Bonsai Association

Commitee Members

Secretary : Mrs. Maria Vivish
President : Dr. P. B. Yogesh
Vice President : Mrs. Suseela Vergis
Treasurer : T. George