• 1. The Chinese the art of Bonsai - Penjing - Zhao Qinquan

  • 2. The art of viewing Stone - Mr.Ponnuswamy

  • 3. Chinese masters work - Literati Style Penjing - Zhao Qinquan

  • 4. Temperate trees - Garden Trees - Collins Gem

  • 5. Indian bonsais - Beyond the Spirit of Miniature &Landscape - Nikunj Parekh & Chand Kejriwal

  • 6. An art of miniature plant - Bonsai - S.C.Dey

  • 7. Japanese Bonsai art - Keshiki Bonsai - Kenji Kobayashi

  • 8. Collaboratitive effort - The Art of Bonsai creation, care and enjoyment - Yuki Yoshimura & Giovanna M Halford

  • 9. Indian - Wonderful world of Bonsai & Saikei - Jyoti & Nikhunj Parekh

  • 10. To display and view nature’s exquisite sculpture - Beauty Of Bonsai - Junsun Yamamoto

  • 11.Japanese - Bonsai Techniques 1 - John Yoshio Naka

  • 12. The Bonsai Specialist - David Squire

  • 13. Bonsai Master class - Craig Coussins

  • 14. Bonsai a Step by step guide - Christian Pessey

  • 15. Bonsai Care Manual - Colin Lewis

  • 16. Bonsai Techniques 2 - John Yoshio Naka

  • 17. John Naka’s sketchbook - John Yoshio Naka

  • 18. Bonsai Survival Manual - Colin Lewis

  • 19. A complete book of bonsai - Harry Tomlinsomn

  • 20. A complete book of bonsai an inspirational guide - Peter Chan

  • 21. Tropical Bonsai Gallery - Budi Sulisto

  • 22. Mission of Transformation - Robert Steven

  • 23. Successful Bonsai - David Squire

  • 24. Japanese art of Miniature trees and landscapes - Yuji Yoshimura & Giovanna M Halford

  • 25. Containor Gardens - Graham A Pavey

  • 26. Japanese Gardens - Taschen

  • 27. Landscape in Miniature - Toshio kawamoto

  • 28. Japanese garden design - Charles Cheshire

The books and magazines belong to few of the members of the association. They have gracefully extended the privilege of renting the books only to the registered members of Bodhi Bonsai Association.

Subscription will be as follows:

  • One time non refundable registration fee of Rs.500
  • Rs.50 monthly rental per book / two magazines
Terms and Conditions:
  • Members can keep the book for one month only. One book per month per member or two magazines per person per month
  • These books are expensive and the donor members have procured them from their own resources and are generous enough to lend them, therefore the borrower has to ensure that the books are returned in safe condition without any damage.
  • One week prior to the meeting the list of books available will be notified by email. The members can reserve the books by email to the administrator. These will be handed to you at the meeting.
In case the member forgets to return the book the following month:
  • Rs.100 will be levied as fine, which the member have to pay right away.
In case of non return of book after three months:
  • The original cost of the book has to paid by the defaulting member.
  • The defaulting member’s name will be removed from the subscription list.
Please note
  • Members are requested to note damages, if any, before the books are borrowed and have them entered in the register.
  • If the book is found to be damaged when returned a fine will be levied depending on the extent of the damage.
  • The library’s administrator decision regarding the amount of fine will be final.
For more Details
Jayanti Prakash will be the administrator of the library
Contact :
Ph No. : 9840084585